Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowball Wreath

One night while looking around on the web, I came upon this snowball wreath on Two Junk Chix blog.  So naturally, I pinned it onto one of my boards on Pinterest to try some time.  Last Christmas, I switched the main color of our decorations to green/silver.  Previously, I was doing purple/silver to go along with the whole Advent color scheme used in the Episcopal church.  Green is my favorite color, so it made more sense for me to use this as at least one for decorating around the holidays.

The colors I chose for my snowball wreath were green/gray/silver.  Here is what I used:

2 bags of 3 inch Styrofoam balls (6 balls each bag)
2 bags of 2.5 inch Styrofoam balls (6 balls each bag)
2 bags of random size Styrofoam balls I found at the Dollar Tree (contained 2- 2in; 3 - 1.5 in., 3 - 1 in.)
Left over silver Christmas balls/ornaments I purchased last year at Target
3 packs of yarn (light green, dark green, gray)
Straw wreath
Hot glue
Tacky glue
Scrap green material

I started by wrapping all my Styrofoam balls.  I used Tacky Glue to hold down the end.  There's no right way to wrap the ball, just keep wrapping until no Styrofoam is showing.  It took me two nights of wrapping while watching TV to get all the balls done (about 2 hours total time). 

I ended up with this lovely basket of yarn balls.  Honestly, I liked them all just stacked in the basket and I thought about leaving them like that and not making the wreath!

Using some scrap green material I had leftover from a Halloween costume, I cut strips and wrapped the straw wreath.

Then I just started gluing everything on using hot glue.  I held the larger balls on for about 30 seconds to make sure they stayed in place.  I also added a few snowflake felt and Christmas ball ornaments purchased at Target last year.  Put wax paper under your wreath, this will keep it from being glued to your table and also it will catch any hot glue drips off the wreath.

 I think this wreath is....well, pretty awesome!

Now for the truth, I have never burned myself on hot glue more than I did making this wreath.  I think because it takes a lot of hot glue for the larger balls, I just kept getting burned holding them on.  Just wanted to give you warning to be careful!

Thanks for the idea Two Junk Chix!  Hope you enjoy making this wreath!

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  1. Love this! If I have time I'm gonna get the stuff to make it this weekend. If I get ambitious I might make your Halloween pennant as a garland for my Christmas tree (different colors of course). JCW