Friday, December 30, 2011

Necklace Re-do

Several months ago, I took a day trip to  Blackstone, VA to take some donations my Sunday School had collected to a local women's shelter.  My youngest (MK), my sister-in-law (M) and my husband's cousin (T) went along for the ride.  Afterwards we did a little shopping and had lunch in the small quaint town.  While antiquing, I came across a basket stacked with Ziploc bags that were filled with 10 or so vintage necklaces.  These were labeled as 'dress-up' necklaces and the thought was you could buy a bag for your children to play dress-up with.  The bags were a mere $5 each and they were stapled shut, so you couldn't examine every necklace.  I spotted a bag that had several necklaces in it that I liked and wanted for myself, so I decided to make the purchase.  If it didn't work out, at least my daughters would get some 'new' necklaces for dress-up.  When I got home and opened the bag, there were only 2 necklaces I didn't care for and the rest were GREAT!

One in particular was this long turquoise one.  I have worn it several ways since purchasing it.

Then I was inspired by this necklace I had purchased at the Gap a couple years ago.

Using the same idea, I cut two lengths of ribbon 32 inches long and laid my turquoise necklace out in two loops.

I then tied the two pieces of ribbon at either end.

Then just tie the ribbon around your neck and there is a totally new necklace.

I have also added other necklaces to this one.  I had two other turquoise necklaces I purchased from American Eagle a couple years ago as well, that I have tied on and made another 'new' necklace.

Looking at my beaded necklaces and my oldest daughters hair bow ribbons, I think the necklace possibilities are endless!

Happy re-doing!