Friday, December 16, 2011

Jar Cap Ornaments

I had these jar lids left over from the Pumpkin jars I made for Halloween.  I decided to use them to make initial ornaments for Christmas.  These would also make cute gift tags on Christmas presents!

Here's what you need....
Jar lids
Hammer and screwdriver
Spray paint
Scrap material
Scrap paper
Scrapbook letters
Thin ribbon

Start by hammering the screwdriver through the lid to make a hole.  This is where the ribbon will be threaded through.  Spray paint the lids a solid color.  I just used some left over brown spray paint, but I think silver would look great!

I made two of these with material and two with paper.  For the material ones, I embroidered the initial onto some scrap material.

Then using card stock, I traced around the lid I was going to use and cut out a circle.  I placed this circle on the back of the embroidered material and trimmed excess material.  Then I just hot glued the edges, don't worry if this looks messy, the back will not show.

For the paper ones, I picked some letters from my scrap booking supplies. Traced around the lid onto scrap card stock and cut out a circle. Then stuck the letter on top.  I could have used a circle cutter to cut out the paper ones, but it doesn't really matter if they are not perfect when the project is done.

Next, thread the ribbon through the hole and tie.  Hot glue the material or paper circles inside the lid.

Next hot glue rick-rack around the edge.  When my grandmother passed away last December, I was lucky enough to get all her sewing supplies, which included a box of rick-rack!  Rick-rack is not cheap, so I was thrilled to get hers for my crafts.

Ho-ho-ho...Merry Christmas!!


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