Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Handprint Table Runner

A few years ago, I made this Turkey table runner.  MK's foot was the body of the turkey and B's hands formed the feathers.  The idea was that my daughter's would do a hand print on it each year....oops we skipped a few years.

I wanted to use this runner on my sideboard, but the length was not working out so well.  Plus, I was never truly happy with the design.  So, I decided to cut it, re-do it a bit and make it longer.

I got some burlap and muslin at the fabric store.  I decided on this design for the main part of the runner.  After pinning, I sewed the pieces together.

On either end, I sewed the turkey prints along with the printed material from the original runner on the back.

Next, I pinned two pieces of muslin on either end, pinning in pleats as I worked it along the edge.  I sewed on the two ends, hemmed it and all done!  A new table runner!

We added two more turkeys this year and I will try to remember to do this each year going forward!  This year we did them on one of the ends, but I also plan to put them along the main part of the runner as well.

And since we already had paint out and on our hands, I went ahead and had MK make an apron.  (She wanted all pink feathers.)  B made her apron last year.

Don't sew???  No worries, just buy a plain table runner and do the handprints on it!  Super simple!

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  1. My Turkey Handprint banner the girls did is one of my fav decorations.