Friday, November 4, 2011

Hand Print Felt Turkeys

I was working on some felt ornaments for Christmas and thought it would be cute to make turkey ones with my daughter's hand prints. Since I had all the supplies out already, I whipped these up one night waiting for B at dance.

Here's what you need...
felt (brown, yellow and whatever other colors you want for the feathers)
embroidery floss
two small buttons
sheet of paper

Start by tracing your child's hand on the paper and cutting it out to make the pattern.  Then use this to cut out two pieces of brown felt.  Cut colored felt for each finger using the same pattern.

Here is the felt before I sewed it together.

First I sewed two buttons on for the eyes and a triangle cut out of yellow for the beak.

Next, I put the two brown turkeys together and began blanket stitching around around the edge.  I did not sew my 'feathers' on first, I just blanketed stitched them right along with the brown.

I sewed all the fingers, then I sewed my daughter's name on the front and year on the back.  I stuffed the fingers using a pencil to push the stuffing up into them.

Then I just continued blanket stitching around and stuffed it before sewing it shut.  After I was done, I just stitched a little loop of ribbon on the back.

I hung them on our sideboard draw pulls.  I think it would be cute to make these for a few years and then string them together in a banner.  So, I'll have to remember to keep making these every year!!

Happy Turkey Day!!


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