Monday, November 21, 2011

'Gobble' Blocks

Here's a simple way to use up some old wood and make a super cute Thanksgiving decoration.

Here's what you need:
2x4 wood cut into squares
Paint (orange, yellow, brown, white)
Clear coat
Cloth, ribbon, rick-rack, buttons, etc. for decorating
Glue gun

Paint half of the wood blocks orange and half yellow.  I did two coats on mine.  Once dry, draw on the letters 'GOBBLE' with a pencil, you could also use a stencil.  Then paint the letters on with a paint brush.  You could also use a paint marker to make it a little easier.

Next, I did some little white dots on my letters, just to make them a little more cuter!

I then used my mouse sander (Black & Decker MS800B Mouse Detail Sander With Dust Collection) to sand the edges of each block to make it look a little 'old'.

Next, I clear coated the blocks.  I used a matte finish, instead of glossy.

Now, the fun part...decorating them!  I decide to rip the orange dotted material into strips.  I thought the ragged ripped edge would look cute on the blocks.

I hot glued the material around each block.  Then did yellow rick-rack around 3 sides of the edge.  I did not put the rick-rack on the bottom because I found it made the block 'wobbly'.

Then I just added some buttons along the top and sides of each block and a little bow on the 'G' block.

I think these turned into a cute Thanksgiving decoration.  There are many words you could use instead of  'Gobble'.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


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