Friday, November 25, 2011

Easy Shirt Dress

This is a simple dress to make.  I have made a couple for myself and several for my daughters and even one for my niece.

You will need:
T-shirt (short sleeve, long sleeve or tank top)
Material for the skirt - Measure around you t-shirt where you plan to sew the skirt on, you will need a length of material ~3 times as long to form the gathers.  I used a yard, cut in half and sewn together to make a longer strip of material.

Here's what you do....
For this dress, I wanted an empire waist, so I came up about eight inches from the bottom of the t-shirt.  To get the piece of material 3 times as long as the length around my t-shirt, I cut the yard of material in half.  Then I cut the two halves so that when I sewed the two ends together, I had a loop of material ~3 times the length around my t-shirt.  I then ironed down the seams.

Next on one end of the loop fold over the edge about 1/4 inch and iron.  Then fold over again 1 inch and iron.

Next you need to divide your material in quarters and mark with a pin on the folded edge.  Also, mark the two sides of your shirt with a straight pin and the center (front and back of the shirt), thus dividing your shirt in quarters.  Since I had sewn two strips of material into one loop, it was easy for me to find the two sides for the pins and then the mid-point front and back for a pin, thus dividing the skirt in quarters.

Line up the side seams of your shirt with the side seams of the material and pin together.  Pin at the height you want the skirt part of your dress to be.  For this one, I came up about eight inches from the bottom of my t-shirt.  Your skirt should be pinned to the shirt in four places now.  Working between the pins, make small pleats and pin them down. Continue around the skirt until it is all pleated.  Notice, I am pinning to the 'right' side of the t-shirt, not the inside.

Carefully, sew the skirt onto your shirt.  Since I came up eight inches from the bottom of my t-shirt, I had to be extra careful to not catch the 'extra' part of my shirt while sewing.

Once it is sewn all the way around, turn inside out and trim off the excess t-shirt.

Next hem the skirt to the length you want.  I cut mine at 35 inches and then put a 1 inch hem at the bottom.

Ooops....I made my skirt a little too short...EASY fix!  From the excess I trimmed of my skirt, I cut a piece of material 6 inches wide, then folded up to make a 1 inch hem. Then I just sewed this to the bottom of the skirt and I also added a rick-rack trim, so Cute, right?

And here is the finished dress!!!

Here's another one I made for myself out of some vintage material I got in an antique store in West Virginia on a girls weekend.  This one is more drop-waist and I also added a pocket with my initial embroidered on it.

And here is my niece wearing the one I made for her to wear in Disney.  The skirt is Disney princesses.

And here are my daughter's wearing two I made them for the fall.


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