Friday, November 11, 2011

Bumble Bees don't always sting!

Last Spring, I came across Girly Things website and found a whole slew of FREE hair bow instructions.  I have made the bunny, turkey, pumpkin, candy corn, snowman and Minnie Mouse to name a few.  I even made the Tinkerbell one that was fairly complicated by so cute in the end!  Using some of the concepts I learned there, I came up with a Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee Hair Clip:
You will need:
3/8 inch Black Ribbon Gross Grain ribbon: one 5.5 inch length, one 4.5 inch inch length
3/8 inch Yellow Gross Grain ribbon: one 5 inch length
3/8 inch White Gross Grain ribbon: one 6 inch length
Two wiggle eyes
Glue gun
In addition to the above, you will need enough black to line your alligator clip.  The length depends on the size of your clip, for mine I used a 5 inch length.

Line the alligator clip with black 3/8 inch Gross Grain ribbon.  Here is a link to how to do this basic step for all hair bows.  I personally, don't do the grips on the bows I make for my daughters, but these instructions include how to do that.

Next make a loop out of the 5.5 inch length of black ribbon and glue the ends together with hot glue.  Repeat with the 4.5 inch length of black and also the 5 inch length of yellow ribbon.

Glue the yellow loop on top of the large black loop, they should just be glued together on the bottom.  Then glue the small black loop on top of the yellow loop.  Glue the two wiggle eyes on top.

Next make a figure 8 out of the white ribbon and glue it to the clip you covered.  Finally, glue the bumble bee body to the clip and your done!


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