Monday, November 14, 2011

Bottle Cap Turkeys

Here's a simple craft and a great way to recycle bottle caps, plus use up some old scrap booking paper.

Here's what you need:
Old bottle caps
Brown spray paint
Scraps of colorful paper
Tacky glue or glue gun
Fun foam scraps

Start by spray painting the bottle caps brown. I always paint on wax paper or a drop cloth, that way whatever I am painting doesn't stick.

Once dry, trace around one of the caps onto fun foam and cut a circle out slightly smaller.  Use this as a pattern and cut out more circles.  You will need 3 fun foam circles per cap.  This is just to fill in the inside the cap.  Glue a circle in the cap, put more glue and glue another circle on top, until the cap is filled.  I found it takes 3 circles to fill the cap.  I used tacky glue since I made these with my 3 year old, but you could also use hot glue.

Next, make a simple feather pattern out of card stock.  Trace the pattern onto fun colorful or printed paper and cut out the feathers.  I used some scraps of paper I had left over from making scrapbooks.  You will need 6 feathers per turkey.

Arrange the feathers in a 'fan' shape and glue the fun foam filled bottle cap on top.  It is not necessary to glue the feathers together first.  The filled bottle cap will hold them together.

Next, cut small beaks from orange paper. Glue two wiggly eyes and the beak on....almost done!

At this point let them dry pretty good.  Once dry, turn them over and glue a magnet onto the back.  It's a little tricky because the magnet wants to move around to attach to the cap.  I used tacky glue, but in hindsight it might have been better to use hot glue and hold it in place.

Display on fridge!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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