Friday, October 14, 2011

Recycled Pumpkins

All the glass jars in our house are either saved or recycled.  I like to especially save the ones that are uniquely shaped.  I saved ALL of the baby food jars I had and have made many crafts with them.  I still have some left to craft with!  Here are some pumpkin candles made from old glass jars.

You will need:
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Clear spray

Remove the lids from the jars, but save them!  I have another idea of a way to use them that I will share in a future post.  Paint your jars various colors.  I chose to use yellow, red, orange and hot pink.  I painted the two smallest jars hot pink for my daughters.  Paint the bottom and then paint the jars in long strokes from top to bottom.  This gives the jars more of a 'pumpkin' look.  I did two coats on my jars, be sure to wait until the first coat is completely dry before painting the second (painting on glass can be tricky).

Once dry, turn them right side up and paint the top edge green (like a pumpkin top)! 

Using a sharpie, draw various faces on your pumpkins.  

Fill in the faces with black paint....almost done!

Spray the pumpkins with clear coat to seal the paint.  I did about three coats of clear on mine.

Finally, drop a tea light in and light them up.  The best way to light them is with a grill lighter since it can reach way down in the jars.


Spooooky!  Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!


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