Friday, October 21, 2011

Pies Anyone?

For months, I have coveted this galvanized metal 3-Tier stand on Pottery Barn's website.  But, the price!  I just couldn't come to grips with spending that much on the stand.  Then I saw this on Pinterest and knew I could make my own.

So, one Sunday afternoon, B (my oldest daughter) and I went to the antique store and I was able to find all the pie plates I needed.  I spent a total of $14 on them.  I could not find any old candle sticks, though.  The next Friday, MK (my youngest daughter) and I went to our local thrift store and found the candlesticks.  I spent $3.50 total on them.

I decided to paint the candle sticks yellow.  I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor paint.

I am not sure how many coats it took, but it was probably close to 6 or so.  I didn't worry about complete coverage because I wanted the candle stick part to look old and worn.  Once dry, I just glued things together using Household Goop glue.

I used A LOT of Household Goop, to make sure these stay together!

Second tier and third tier ....

 Close up of the middle and top pie plates....

And....the finished stand!

And here it is all decorated for Fall on my kitchen table!

THANK YOU MaryJanes and Galoshes and The Crafting Chicks for the great idea!

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  1. Usually nothing you do surprises me cause your talents are so diverse... but this one amazes me. What a cute idea!