Friday, October 7, 2011

I love my mummy!

Here's a simple craft that recycles old cans!  I love to re-use things and make something cute!  Happy Halloween! 

Here's what you need:
Old cans that have been washed and dried
Tacky Glue
Black paper
Wiggle eyes (bigger ones)

Run a strip of glue down both sides of the can. Glue the end of the gauze to one strip of glue and start wrapping.  As you cover the strip of glue with gauze, just add another strip of glue on top.  It helps to keep this to two or three strips of glue instead of having glue all over the can in various spots.  Keep wrapping until you like the coverage.  After the first time around, be sure to wrap at various angles to get the 'mummy' effect.

Pick a pair of wiggle eyes and glue on.  Then cut a mouth out of black paper, glue it on and your all done!

I made the two above, then I made some more with MK and B. B really liked wrapping the can and MK liked sticking the eyeballs on.

Here are our finished mummies!  These will make great little treats to give out on Halloween!


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