Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Costumes!!

I've been making my daughter's costumes for years now.  This year for Halloween, my oldest daughter, B, decided to be a Bumble Bee.  My youngest daughter, MK, wanted to be Rapunzel.  Here's how I made their costumes!!

The Bumble Bee costume was fairly easy to make.  B already had a yellow and white striped shirt from Gymboree.  She also already had yellow and black striped legwarmers we purchased at 5 Below last year for dance (that she HAD to have!).  I knew I wanted to make a 'tutu' skirt for her costume.  I purchased 1 yard of yellow tulle and 1 yard of black tulle.  I cut the tulle into a strip 28 inches wide, then I just cut strips of it about 2 inches wide.

 Using 1 inch elastic, I measured around B's waist, took about an inch off and sewed it into a loop.  I then stretched this around two chairs put back to back and started to slip-knot the tulle around the elastic.  I did two strips of yellow tulle, one strip of black tulle, two strips of yellow tulle, one strip of black tulle, and so forth around the elastic loop.

Once done with the tulle, I went back and added some black/white and yellow/white polka dotted ribbon, the same way.  I sewed a bow made out of the black/white polka dotted ribbon to the front, as well as some bee buttons I found at the craft store.  At Target, I found a set of Bee wings, antennas, a clip on stinger and a bow tie for $5. 

Rapunzel was a bit more complicated.  I decided to make this dress so that the shoulders were ribbons that could be tied like a sundress.  If it is cool on Halloween, MK will just wear a long sleeve shirt underneath.  To start, I measured the width of the top of one of MK's dresses and fashioned a loop of material out of purple to the same measurements.  I then add the pink inset with purple criss-cross on top.  I ended up with this.  Notice the top is hemmed with a finished edge.

Next, I made a loop of purple material that was 3 times as around as the top.  I then pinned it to the top in the middle of the front/back and to each side of the top.  The bottom was pinned on in four places.  Going around the edge, I pinned pleats all the way around between the four original pins. Then sewed the skirt on and turned the dress right side out.  I then cut four pieces of pink ribbon 12 inches long and sewed them to the top of the dress as seen below. 

Almost done!  After trying it on MK, I cut the skirt to the length I wanted and added this little tulle trim to the bottom.

Now for Rapunzel's hair!  I cut A LOT of yellow yarn 8 feet long and then folded in half.  My oldest daughter held the top where it was folded in half and I divided it into 3 equal sections, then braided it.  I tied a piece of yarn around the top where the loop is and also around the bottom of the braid (just like how you would put an elastic band around a real braid of hair).  I then put the end through the loop at the top, so the braid goes around MK's head like a headband. 

And here they are all dressed-up!!


Here are some costume's I have made in the past as well for a little inspiration!  (I made all except the rainbow caterpillar.)  From left to right/top to bottom, starting at top left - Dalmatian, Parrot, Flower Fairy and Caterpillar, Tooth and Tooth Fairy (Tooth was in her typical mood that day), Jellyfish and Mermaid.


Happy Halloween!  I hope it's a good one and you get lots of candy!


  1. I always love your kids' costumes! :)

  2. I have told the Tooth Theme story a couple times this week. Might have been my favorite ;) Rapunzel and Bee are adorable as always!

  3. Oh my word. SO precious. My youngest would be so jealous of that Rapunsel costume...she is obsessed with Tangled right now. You are so crafty and SUPER stylish. I am a new follower from the Miss Mommy blog hop!